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Last week, Open Roof killed it with a video-game themed screening of Indie Game: The Movie, directed by Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky. The gamer population of Toronto was in full-force at last week’s indoor screening; even the rain couldn’t keep us from enjoying a memorable night in the Amsterdam Brewery.

Indie Game is a doc I missed twice at Hot Docs, and then again when it was screening at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. I was devastated when I heard I missed the last screening at TIFF, but that all turned around when I saw it on Open Roof’s screening schedule. The film is highly cinematic considering it’s topic of choice, and the subjects of the film are intriguing to follow. Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes’ mega hit Super Meat Boy is followed up until it’s (highly anxiety inducing) release. The film also follows Phil Fish and his highly anticipated platformer Fez, which doesn’t quite make it up to it’s release. Thank goodness it finally came out this year. The stories between development of the two games are nicely woven together with interviews by Jonathan Blow, the creator of the highest critically rated INDIE title on Xbox Live…BraidHis story and experience with his own game development is a nice steady contrast to the hectic lives of Fish, McMillen and Refenes. By the end of the film I was dying to get home and turn on my SNES, a feeling I’m sure is mutual with last week’s crowd.


Photo by Neil Travis Bailey. See more pics from past events here!

There as a sweet setup by Gamercamp at the front entrance where patrons could try out some local indie video games themselves. I took it upon myself to try them all out, and you know, make sure people were enjoying themselves. Yeah, that’s what I was doing. The food provided by Come And Get It plus the non-stop beer flow really made for an incredible evening indoors.


“Need help with that?” I’m a back-seat driver when it comes to video games.

Tonight marks the second last Open Roof event of the summer with a screening of Wes Anderson’s Moonrise KingdomIf it rains again this week, we’ll be indoors and out of extra tickets. Pray to the weather gods that we’re outside so we’ll have lot’s of extra seats. Hopefully I’ll see you there!

Seriously though, why is the weather always so dubious on Thursdays?


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